Lamb Specialties

All entrees are made in house with non-gmo ingredients. Never frozen and served with your choice of steamed Basmati or Brown rice.

Lamb Vindaloo

: Lamb and potatoes cooked in thick hot curry sauce with organic spices and ginger.

Lamb Saag

: Lamb cooked with fresh spices in a creamy homemade spinich sauce.

Lamb Korma

: Lamb cooked in creamy sauce with onion, garlic & tomato.

Lamb Rogan Josh

: Lamb cooked with unique yogurt base curry sauces.

Lamb Coconut

: Cubes of lamb cooked in unique coconut base sauce.

Lamb Karahi

: Lamb pieces marinated overnight and cooked with fresh spices, ginger, garlic, onion, tomatoes and bell peppers.